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Long time, no see!

Ok……. so I havent had a blog post in about, 2 weeks. I can explain! It is spring break and I am out of school and my grandparents or as I would call them, Meama and Peapa, came to visit. I was very busy so I havent had time to do a blog post… Well, anyway, we went to Kohl`s and my Meama (who spoils me way too much) got me a BEAUTIFUL  bracelet! I love it! It goes so well with the watch that I got also at Kohl`s!Image This is the bracelet that I got today!ImageThis is the  watch that goes TOTALLY well with this bracelet! (Did I mention that it was on clearance for $7.99 and it was $40.00!!!!!)


The PERFECT lip color!!!






what you will need:

Maybelline`s Shine Sensational lip gloss in the color Berry Bella

Clinique`s chubby stick in the color chunky cherry

Clinique`s lip gloss in the color fireberry

What to do:

This is sooooo simple so I will just tell you what order in which to put them on.

1) The Chubby stick

2) The Mabelline lip gloss

3) The Clinique lip gloss

Skating Makeup!

SUPER long eyelashes!!!!!

SUPER long eyelashes!!!!!

The eyeshadow

The eyeshadow

Hi! I did this makeup to go skating today! I thought that you guys would like it if I showed you how I did it!

What you will need:

blue eyeshadow

pink eyeshadow

REALLY LONG fake eyelashes

What to do:

put your pink eyeshadow on your eye lid

put your blue eyeshadow in your crease

apply the eyelashes

ENJOY!!!! 🙂

By the way, if you don`t know how to apply fake eyelashes here is a video on how to apply them! 🙂

BAD = GOOD (really?!?)

Last week we had standardized testing at school and it stunk!!!!! But the good thing is…… mom got me some new nail stickers!

The nail stickers!

The nail stickers!

Weekend Trip!

Over the weekend we went to……

First stop… the mall!

Me and my mom at Sephora!!!!!

Me and my mom at Sephora!!!!!

image1) Went to Sephora!!!! (my fave store in the mall)

2) bath and Body works!

3) The Clinique counter (we got a free gift!!!!! 🙂 ) (I bought something else to get it!)

Free gift!!!!

Free gift!!!!

Second and last stop… Ulta!!!!

5 for $10!!!! AWSOME!!!! Plus..... a free flower bag!!!!!

5 for $10!!!! AWSOME!!!! Plus….. a free flower bag!!!!!




So, all the stuff I bought is…..gtrfdsgtr


I was reading RedBook magazine and I saw some of these pages and I thought I would share them with you!!!!! 🙂 These are some of my faves that I would like to try!


1) (The polka doted blush) Swirl on this adorably spotted powder to get a pink flush that is flattering on everyone.

2) (The eye shadow) Liven up your office makeup with 3 lush brown eyeshadows, plus a pink shade for a soft, glowing accent.

3) (The rocket mascara) This mascara formula loads thickness, while the brush nabs every clump.

4) (chubby stick) I have already tried this and I LOVE it!!!!!

The wording of this post was by RedBook magazine…. Not me!!! Well, except for number 4 and the intro!

It`s That Time Of Year Again!!!!!


Yep, It`s spring again! Time to break out the bright eye shadow! I am going to share with you some tips on bright colors!

If you wear a bright eye shadow, make sure you don’t put too much on! Just a little bit!

If you are a little afraid to wear bright colors, wear gold or something like it.

For a little  pop of color, use an eyeliner brush and use a bright eye shadow for your eyeliner. I think it looks the best if you white eye shadow on your eye lid.

Don`t make your lips pop to much! When wearing bright eye shadow it is best to stick with natural colors!

By the way, emerald is the color of the season! 🙂

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